What Is Ximplify?

Ximplify is all about you! Enjoy a personalised website where you can blog, share photos, share music, share video, share files, and connect with other people. Share your life, meet new people and build your friends network. Stay connected wherever you are. Express yourself through your creativity by personalising your website all by yourself. best of all, enjoy naming your website whatever you want! Ximplify comes with 5GB of memory for you to keep all your important documents from favourite pictures to favourite music. You will also enjoy 1 GB space of your own personalised e-mail address.

Ximplify is a product developed by a team of professional in Emerge Systems. After months of research and development, Ximplify is created to cater to the ever growing popularity of online activities.

EMERGE is a leading web hosting solutions provider and manages over 25,000 corporate websites for clients ranging from small and medium enterprises (SME) to multi-nationals and government institutions since 1999.

Our Vision is to provide innovative and features-rich ICT solutions to our customers, empowering them to have a competitive edge in their respective industry. With over eight years of experience in providing web solutions, we are able to provide a one-stop solution to meet our customer’s website requirement. At Emerge, we provide a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registration, website and e-mail hosting, server co-location & dedicated server, website design & application development and sms & mobile development.

Emerge's growth is supported by professional and reliable business partners and being a corporate hosting provider, our strength goes to quality services, strong support team and high quality systems. Emerge is the only web hosting provider in South East Asia that uses the Sun Microsystems JES E-mail & Calendaring Messaging System as the most reliable and powerful e-mail system.

With over 70 employees working round the clock, Emerge is a serious corporate web hosting provider. Partners and clients of Emerge can be assured of our commitment to delivering quality solution with continuous commitment to improvements