Partner With EMERGE Today

At EMERGE, partnerships is critical to our success and EMERGE is always on the lookout for Business Partners to work together to create a win-win partnership. This philosophy continues in our Ximplify product as well.

Resell or bundle our packages with your existing products or services by becoming our Business Partner. You can provide value added services to your clients, while we provide you with all the necessary technical support and assistance.

Accommodating our ever growing partners, EMERGE has created multiple programs to suit the different types of business models practiced by our business partners. When you join any of EMERGE partner programs, you will be able to offer your customers superior services without having to worry about the ongoing costs of maintenance or customer support.

Benefits Of Being A Partner
Participation in the EMERGE Partner Program is a true partnership. That means we recognize and value the commitment you make to EMERGE and reward you by increasing our investment in the offerings that benefit your company, as your level of commitment grows.

The program offers a range of benefits designed to support and expand business for all Distribution Partners and Product Partners. In addition to becoming part of a dynamic, collaborative team, partners gain access to offerings that speed development and increase revenues.

These offerings include:

Technology and Products
Development Technical Support and Resources
Marketing Tools and Offerings
Sales and Sales Engagement Opportunities
Open Communication

Type Of Partnership

There are 2 types of Business Partners that we are looking at for Ximplify product:


  • Distribution Partners
    EMERGE Distribution Program offers distributors and dealers the opportunity to significantly enhance revenues by introducing Ximplify to their customer base. To learn more about Distribution Partnership Program, please fill in the Information Request Form here.

  • Product Partners
    Product partners reach beyond the traditional channel structures into areas such as OEM licenses, technology integration, value-add services, and other innovative sales avenues. To learn more about EMERGE Product Partnership Program, please fill in the Information Request Form here.